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2024-05-27 Recording of my radio interview on 105.1 Mike FM (4 out of 6): Listen here!

Here is the next interview in my series of six radio interviews that I am doing, as per my previous blog posts. I am interviewed about chronic pain, physiotherapy for this kind of persistent pain as well as more broadly the non-pharmacological management and rehabilitation of pain, as well as a bit about myself and my clinic!

This interview starts off in French but then switches to English (and then back to French). I plan on generating a text transcript, so that you can read it in either all English or all French (coming soon).

Comments are welcome! I'm always happy to have discussion. Maybe you would like me to clarify something I said, or maybe you know something that I don't and I think we can help each other to gain a better understanding of this challenging thing called pain! See below for the comments section :)

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