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Curious what the Chronic Pain Rehab Clinic looks like?

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How does your treatment approach differ from other similar health professionals? Is this the right place for me?

It depends on the treatment approach you would like to receive. There is a variety of health professionals whom you may consult for your pain and the associated functional limitations. At The Chronic Pain Rehab Clinic, your physiotherapist will focus on evaluating what are the likely underlying drivers of your pain, help you understand your pain, see what can be modified at work or at home or in your lifestyle, and some gentle rehabilitation exercises will be prescribed that you will be expected to do on your own -- all in the aim of achieving a gradual recovery of your functional limitations and improving your pain. This may require some trial and error, but you will learn what works for you and can continue doing it as prevention.


Hands-on therapy is a lower priority here than what was mentioned above and won't be doing it much (compared to what was mentioned above), because (1) the benefit tends to be temporary, (2) it doesn't teach you how to self-manage your pain autonomously, and (3) it has limited effectiveness when there is a significant sensitization aspect to your pain.


This approach isn't something that everyone likes because you do not spend much time lying down and relaxing. Instead, you will need to actively work for your results (with guidance), there can be a considerable amount of talking involved, as well as some trial and error may be required. However, we believe that it is valuable to prioritize this active and participative approach to treatment that you can continue on your own when you leave the clinic, since passive treatment approaches (e.g., manual therapy) require you to keep coming to the clinic on a regular basis and are difficult to continue autonomously.


Thus, using this active and participative approach, the Chronic Pain Rehab Clinic offers physiotherapy services for the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of chronic pain.

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